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Ad Astra

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Ad Astra

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In the distant future, Homo Sapiens has slowly colonized its solar system and over the course of centuries has evolved and adapted, diverging into five new races, suited to life in different planetary environments.

But danger threatens as the life-giving star for all five Homo Sapiens subspecies, Sol, is dimming, beginning its final descent into oblivion and wiping out humanity with it, unless new worlds can be found in distant galaxies.

Will you lead your people out of darkness and into the bright future of a new galactic empire?

In Ad•Astra, three to five players will take on the roles of one of five human subspecies and explore the galaxy in search of new planets to mine for resources or settle on and terraform into habitable worlds. Also hidden in the furthest reaches of unexplored space are the relics of dead alien civilizations - technology which provides massive powers - the reward for those brave humans who dare the depths of the galaxy.

Competition for resources will be fierce and only through a certain amount of cooperation and trade amongst humanity's factions will one player be able to rise above the others and forge a new galactic empire!

Leeftijd/Age 12+
Spelers/Players 3-5
Speelduur/Duration 60 minuten/minutes