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Aleph Thamyris the Aoidos

Aleph Thamyris the Aoidos

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Aleph Thamyris the Aoidos

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In Greek Mythology, Thamyris was a musician and aoidos of Thracian origin, son of Philammon and the nymph Argiope. As is told in the Iliad, Thamyris was so proud of his skills he challenged the Muses to a singing and lyre competition. The Muses, despising him, blinded him and took his poetic and musical skills away.

Thamyris, maybe not the best of the Assault Subsection's Aoidoi, but he is the most famous, earning his artistic name after proposing a competition similar to that of the original Thamyris to a group of Odalisques on a leave of absence from the Paradiso frontline. They replied by giving him a good hiding that sent him to hospital for two months. That anecdote, amusingly polished by the rest of the Subsection's Aoidoi, established his fame as an irredeemable jester and made him worthy of entrance into the already immortal group of the legendary Homeridae.

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1 Thamyris the Aoidos (Hacker)

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