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PHR Enyo Heavy Walkers

PHR Enyo Heavy Walkers

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PHR Enyo Heavy Walkers

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The Enyo Class mounts a pair of RXs-120 smoothbore heavy canons, designed primarily for structure demolition. This Type-2 variant is able to level buildings in minutes with repeated salvos of high explosive shells. It also excels at the obliteration of enemy vehicles at close range.

Type 2 battle walkers are considerably heavier than the Type 1, and are employed when only a sledgehammer will suffice. The Type-2 chassis is essentially a hardened version of the Type-1, and trades mobility for devastating firepower. In various guises, they provide heavy fire support in a highly resilient package. The mere sight of a squadron of these imposing juggernauts is often enough to send the enemy running for cover, in fear of the rain of munitions they can bring to bear.