AK Wet Palette

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The Wet Palette is a tool mainly used by figure painters but is more and more being used by people who paint with acrylics. It will extend the useful life of any acrylic paint so that it can be used for hours after leaving the bottle, and once closed tightly it will preserve the colors and color mixtures. It can be kept in the fridge. 

It comes with three components:

1. A sponge, to hold large quantities of water since it is quite thick. 

2. Cloth made of fiber, placed on top of the sponge as a leveler, humidity filter, and as an interchangeable element in case of stains, or if not used for a long time.

3. High quality Special Paper, made of a fine silicone film, allows the transfer of humidity but prevents water forming and paints from dissolving, and does not shed any fibers when worker with brushes. 


The Wet Palette is watertight and airtight, made of the same material as marine containers for flares, charts, and medicines. Its locks guarantee the seal. This extends the life of paints, especially in summer, hot climates and under extreme conditions.  



  • 1 AK Wet Palette
  • 1 Wipe
  • 40 papers
  • 2 foams
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