Avatar Legends RPG: Starter Set (EN)

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The Avatar Legends RPG Starter Set brings you and your friends into the beloved setting of Avatar Legends! This boxed set includes everything you need to get started playing Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game, portraying your own characters on action-packed escapades through the Four Nations! Weave tales of self-discovery and action with your team of friends, and work with legendary heroes like Fire Lord Zuko to bring balance to the world!


This set includes…

  • 32-page booklet of condensed rules
  • 40-page introductory adventure booklet featuring The Pirates of Crimson Sails set in the era of Avatar Aang,and The Burning Fuse set in the era of Avatar Korra
  • 10 engraved dice featuring Tui and La
  • 21 combat action cards
  • 10 illustrated pre-generated character sheets
  • 6 rules reference sheets
  • A large full-color map of the Four Nations
  • A unique code to unlock a full digital version of the Avatar Legends RPG Starter Set
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