Blood Bowl Spike Magazine 3 (EN)

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Guest edited by Glug Glottington, this is the third issue of Spike! Journal. Covering Nurgle teams, with a veritable host of brand-new content for Blood Bowl, this is sure to be a must-have for Chaos coaches...


Contained in the 36-page journal:

- Papa Nurgle’s Favoured Players: details and background on those teams dedicated to Nurgle, the most bizarrely cheerful of the Chaos gods. You’ll learn how they play, how they look and how they gleefully spread their rot and filth all over the pitch, with a focus on The Diseased Destroyers, Bile-City Blightkings, The Subterranean Slimeballs, and The Plaguebearers;

- Chat With the Rat: ace Skaven reporter Hackspit ‘the Scribbler’ Quillchewer talks with Bilerot Vomitflesh about being a follower of Nurgle, and asks: just where is the Garden of Nurgle?;

- Star Player Spotlight: – a detailed profile of Bilerot Vomitflesh, who can play for Nurgle and Chaos Chosen teams. Includes his in-game cost, stats and skills, and career ‘highlights’;

- Dirt From the Dugout: Spike! Journal interviews gossip columnist Mindy Piewhistle about the rivalry between the Dark Gods, and learns maybe a little more than they’d like about some insidious locker room shenanigans;

- Nurgle Playbook: an Introduction to coaching Nurgle teams, including an overview of the strengths of their team, advice on tactics, set-ups, and examples of the skills you can give to different positions.

- Star Player Spotlight: a grisly profile of Bulla Shardhorn, a pox-ridden beast who can play for Chaos Renegade, and Nurgle teams. Includes his in-game cost, stats and skills, and career highlights;

- Star Player Spotlight: a profile of Tolly Glocklinger, a former circus strongman (which is excellent) who can play for Nurgle teams. Includes his in-game cost, stats and skills, and career highlights;

- The Glittering Prizes: an overview of the recent history of Blood Bowl taking a closer look at many of the minor leagues and tournaments that have sprung up after the collapse of the NAF, becoming regular fixtures;

- Sideline Assistance: a trio of rotten new inducements for Nurgle, Chaos Chosen, and Chaos Renegade Blood Bowl teams. Plague Doctors, Cavorting Nurglings and Horticulturalists of Nurgle are available – none of them do anything especially pleasant…;

- Mighty Blow!: tales of sporting glory from the career of all-time Star Player Bob Bifford, presented as an all-new comic strip drawn by the legendary Blood Bowl illustrator Pete Knifton, and written by official Spike! Journal sports-scribe Nick Kyme.

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