Citadel Dice Set

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Roll up, roll up! Check out this remarkable product for your gaming needs. The perfect invention for random number generation for when you need to destroy your opponents forces in one go, A cube of Dice. The must have essential for every gaming hobbyist, they should never be without one or two in their collection.

Each pack of dice contains 20 six-sided dice available in a range of wonderful colours form red, blue, green, black, white and grey. Great for your gaming needs and to use a colour that matches your army.

All the dice come in a handy clear plastic cube container for storage and protection during your travels between games and have clip lids to stop them opening unexpectedly when you don't want them too.

Rolling "1" is associated with casualties in battle so the number one facing has been replaced with a skull symbol to add that extra touch during game play for when you make those critical saving throws.

Please note: the colour of the cube of dice for ordering is random and desired colours cannot be guaranteed or specifically chosen.

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