Combined Army Raicho Armored Brigade

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The Morat name for the units that form their Armored Brigade is 'Raizot', but because of a phonetic corruption, the Nippon troops of Yu Jing have popularized the term as 'Raicho', the mythical Japanese bird of fire. The Raicho is the basic instrument of the Morat Armored Brigades, a TAG with a violent alien inside. The Raicho are very resistant and agile mounts, though gifted with qualities that make them more similar to a bull than a horse; powerful, with good responses, but with no gentleness in their controls. If you need to break through an enemy's defenses with overwhelming force and all guns blazing, it is the ideal war machine to use.

In spite of the considerable mass of its armor-plating, almost one half of a Raicho's weight is due to extra ammunition reserves, a particular preference of its pilots who are extremely enthusiastic about displays of indiscriminate fire power. The Morat Armored Brigades have been specifically created to execute offensive missions. A great part of their success consists and depends on a capacity to attack with extreme fury during the initial phase of an operation. It can truly be said that pure aggression emanates from them. Effective, deadly, and capable of striking at the enemy with a speed and hardness that's absolutely overwhelming, the Raicho have become the definitive destructive option of the Morat Supremacy.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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