D&D Critical Role: Monsters of Wildemount - Box Set 1

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Enhance your campaign with thrilling creatures straight from the world of Exandria and imagined by Matthew Mercer! Now you and your players can come face-to-face with memorable monsters like the frog-like Nergaliid, or the dreaded Husk Zombie.

A part of the first entries into the Critical Role inspired line, Critical Role: Monsters of Wildemount - 1 Box Set offers all the figures you need to incorporate Critical Role’s unique monsters into your world.

This set includes:

Core Spawn Crawler
Core Spawn Emissary
Core Spawn Seer
Husk Zombie
Aeorian Absorber
Aeorian Nullifier
Aeorian Reverser

Are you ready to face The Monsters of Wildemount?

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