Legendary Forests (EN)

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Legendary Forests is a multiplayer world-building game based on solitaire mechanics. Players are responsible for the creation of their forest, which they expand by placing tiles. Each player has the same tileset and begins with the same starting tile. Then, on each turn, a 'Leader' draws a tile, calls out its number and every player places their corresponding tile onto their landscape.

Each tile is made up of a combination of four colours, and tiles must have matching adjacent colours to be placed. If a Leader draws a red numbered card, players must also select a tree to place. Trees appear in three colours and must be placed on a matching landscape.
In Legendary Forests, scoring occurs based on the formation of circles through tile placement. The edge of each tile has a crescent shape that, when put together with another tile, form complete circles (called 'cookies' in 8Bit MockUp). After all twenty tiles have been placed by each player, scoring is completed based on the positioning of the trees in relation to completed circles, and the player with the most points wins!

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