Add-On Scenery for RPG Maps - War & Siege (EN)

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Add-On Scenery for RPG Maps - War & Siege is a pack of 80+ reusable static clings for use on any laminated map or surface. These reusable Siege Weaponry, encampments, weaponry and campsite features allow you to instantly add realism and a host of features to your battle maps. Relax and run your game in style with this handy pack that reduces work and adds fun to game night!

A huge time saver for DMS! Customise any laminated map in moments or prepare ahead of time. Now Magic effects are truly show stopping!
Immersive artwork and wide range of features allows many maps to be customised and reused for many different encounters.
Reusable static clings never lose their stick! Add and remove in moments!

Featuring siege weaponry, campsites, ramparts and many more features.

5E compatible - these tokens are designed to a 1 inch = 5 foot scale.

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