Captain Sonar 2nd Editon (EN)

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Deep beneath the ocean waves, an unseen war is waged by rival


Take your place in the conn and prepare for battle with Captain Sonar, a tense new real-time game of dueling submarines for two to eight players.


In every game of Captain Sonar, you and your fellow players are split into two teams. You may be the Captain, responsible for setting your submarine’s course and deciding when to strike.  The First Mate charges the ship’s systems, the Engineer keeps the submarine fully operational, and the Radio Operator determines the location of the enemy submarine.


Only teamwork will give you the chance to open fire and win the game!

• A tense new game of dueling submarines for two to eight players
• Each player takes on one of four roles on the submarine: Captain, First Mate, Engineer, or Radio Operator
• Use your submarine’s systems to find and destroy the enemy sub while escaping detection yourself
• Five unique maps and scenarios offer vast replayability to every game of Captain Sonar
• Two distinct game modes allow you to play turn-by-turn or experience the frantic panic of simultaneous play

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